Increase Foot Traffic To A Business!

Now that more people are getting vaccinated in the US, businesses finally have the opportunity to boost their sales. Without limits on gatherings or mask mandates, outdoor walking streets, parks, and open-air markets finally have the chance to market to customers and generate sales.

But for those businesses not in the thick of heavy foot traffic, getting customers in the door can be a little more tricky. Fortunately, there are various marketing and advertising techniques guaranteed to boost sales and help your business reach its operational goals.


The best way to let a customer know that you are open for business is to tell them directly. Peer-to-peer advertising can be done in a variety of ways, including:

·    Sign Spinners

·    Canvassers

·    Flyer Distributors

·    Outdoor Service Displays & Demonstrations

These techniques allow customers to directly engage with a business’s ambassador promoting brand awareness and customer loyalty. Additionally, employees with effective sales techniques will be able to literally walk a customer through the door to complete a sale.

Advertising Techniques

Small businesses with limited staff may consider alternative advertising techniques far more effective than advertising through social media. For example, one of the best techniques for a business is to install visually appealing floor graphics that direct a customer to a business.

Additionally, a business may consider advertising in high-volume areas such as public transportation or mall kiosks.

Marketing Services

If you do not have the time or creativity to design an effective marketing strategy to pull your business out of a financial slump, consider hiring a professional advertising or digital design firm. These firms can create an effective marketing strategy guaranteed to attract your target audience and increase sales.

floor graphics

Failure to utilize an effective sales strategy for your business could mean permanent closure.